Download UC Browser Latest Version for Android & Windows

Chinese Mobile Internet Company is the developer of UC Browser, and it is a Chinese based browser but available in different languages, including English. Alibaba is now the owner of UC Browser because later on, Alibaba Chinese Group Company bought the application from the company.

Most people are worried that they are not able to download UC Browser, and some are finding it difficult to install in Mobile devices. In this guide, we will solve your issues for download UC Browser for Android and fix all the installation problems.

On the other hand, UC Browser is available on different platforms, including Windows, Samsung, Windows PC, iOS, JAVA ME, Symbian mobile phones. Before, the UC Browser was used on the Symbian phones, and millions of Symbian users use this platform.

After the arrival of Android, UC Brower updated the version for Android phones. The browser plays an essential role in exploring the internet in the right way.

You can solve your queries; you can get knowledge from browsing using the browser. So everything that you can find and discover online is through a browser.

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What is UC Browser?

UC browser is like other browsers like Chrome or Firefox. For Android and Symbian phones, UC Browser plays an essential role in the phone. It does not take a lot of memory on your phone.

The browsing experience of UC Browser is much better as compared to the other browser. The size of this browser is fewer than the Chrome and any other phone.

Moreover, if you have an average Android phone, then still UC Browser will work best. UC Browser is fast for Windows as well as for all the Android phones, and it works more reliable.

How to Download UC Browser for Android

You can download the UC Browser for Android as well as for PC. It is available on the play store, and you can download it by clicking the download button above.

The steps to download from the play store is simple as you download the other applications from the play store. Moreover, you can also do UC Browser download Java.

There are many versions of the UC Browser for Android, and for PC, versions of the browser are different. If you are going to download UC browser for windows 10, then don’t worry, it is virus-free and safe.

There are many ways to download UC Browser for PC. First of all, you can download it from the Softonic official website, which provides the latest version and fast downloading.

There are unique features in the UC browser that no other browser is providing this time. Therefore, UC Browser gives the best comparison between different versions of different browsers.

Features of UC Browser

Most of the features of UC Browser similar to Chrome and Firefox, but at some points, the UC browser works best and reliable. Here are some of the features of UC Browser that shows the clear difference:

Download Background

If you are downloading some files while browsing in the UC browser, then the UC browser enables you to download those files in the background. Even if you close the browser, then downloading will not stop. Your device will show better performance.

Easily Share the Data

With the help of the UC browser, users can easily share the data with other devices users. You can share data between your device and tablets and other smartphones.


Add-ons are useful as it compresses the pages while you are exploring multiple pages. It enhances the browser speed and gives better performance.

Safe, Fast and Reliable

UC Browser does not consume much data usage as compared to the other browser. Moreover, it provides a smooth browsing experience. Although it helps in blocking the external attacks of viruses and Malware. It secures your system and devices from any attack.

Video Feature:

With the help of the UC Browser, you can watch the video in High-quality results by consuming little data usage. Moreover, you can also download the video from the browser quickly.

Video Downloader UC Browser

Video Downloader of UC Browser allows users to download videos easily. You can also enjoy Video downloader in an offline mode.

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Types of UC Browser

There are seven types of UC Browser:

  • UC Browser for PC
  • UC Browser for Samsung
  • Windows 7 UC Browser
  • UC Mobile
  • UC Browser HD
  • Android Version of UC Browser

UC Browser for Windows 10

UC Browser supports offline pages reading and download a lot of videos at a time. It includes the download manager. You can download the UC Browser for Windows 10 as it is safe and provide you fastest browsing experiences. Moreover, UC Browser is specially made for Desktop computers and Symbian and Android phones.


How can I download UC browser on PC?

First of all, you have to search on google for the .exe file for the UC Browser. Download the .exe file from the Softonic. Once you download the file, open the file by double click on the installer. Pop up will appear to click on Yes, and in a few minutes, it will download. You can access the browser from the Desktop.

Is the UC browser available for PC?

Yes, UC Browser is available for Android as well as PC. You can download UC Browser for PC Windows 10 and Windows 7. There are two versions available one is general, and the other is the Indian version. Moreover, you can download the latest version from Softonic.

Is UC Browser for PC safe?

Most of the users claim that UC Browser is not safe because they don’t have to keep an eye on security. Rather than this, if you want to explore google and want some information, then we recommend that you should use the UC browser without worries.

How do I put the UC browser in desktop mode?

Users can open the Desktop websites from a mobile phone using the settings. Go to the Settings of the UC browser and go to the Website Preferences. There are three options available, Mobile view, desktop view, and lite view. From here, you can select the desktop view to put UC Browser in Desktop mode.

Updated: May 14, 2020 — 2:30 am