Mobdro APK Mirror Download Latest Version Free

Are you looking for an app in Google Play Store? Then stop searching app in the Play Store because available there and you have to download it from third-party software. We recommend download this app from our website because we regularly provide the latest premium version of this app. it is easy for you to free download Mobdro APK Mirror file in a single click.

As we all know that Mobdro apk is not available Google Play Store photo have to download the APK file. In this article going to show you game download the premium APK mirror file. After you install the Mobdro app on your android phone, you will get all the features of this app.


There are many advantages of installing this app on your Android phone. The main difficulty we face is to download this app on Windows, MacBook, or iPad. If you have the original Premium APK file, then you can easily install this app with the guide we have mentioned in our previous articles.


Mobdro Apk Mirror Features

There are many features of Mobdro app; for example, you can watch online live streaming of different channels around the world in different languages. Moreover, you can download high-quality videos in more than ten languages.

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  1. Whenever a new version of Mobdro app available you will get the latest version from here.
  2. This app is available in only less size.
  3. With the Sleep timer feature, your app can turn to the sleep mode right after the few minutes according to your settings. It will save you money.
  4. Size of this app only 23 to 25 MB.
  5. Offline Mod: You can download the movies, videos, short and long clips on your android phone and can watch offline.
  6. It does not support Ruku software, but it helps the Kodi.
  7. It is compatible with Android 4.0 and more than 4.0 variants. Unfortunately not available Android version below 4.0.

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No Ads:

It is very annoying when you are watching, and a big banner or ad comes up and ruins your show. Therefore, the essential and best feature of this premium version is it does not contains any ads. So you can continuously watch live streaming freely.

Chromecast Support

Some people do not like to watch live streaming on small screens. For them, they can watch the chromecast streaming. In this way, they can get better user experiences.

How to Install Mobdro app on your phone

Before installing any third party app, you have to enable unknown sources option in the settings of your Android phone.

  1. Go to the Settings.
  2. Search for unknown sources in the settings.
  3. Enable the unknown sources option in your android phone.

Once you enabled this option, you will be able to install the APK file of this app on your phone. Similarly, if you want to install this app on TV or firestick, you must have to enable the unknown sources option. This option is necessary because whenever you are installing the app from the third party. You have to allow it because it is out from the Google play services.

Download the APK File from the above button in this guide once you install this file in your phone. It will ask you to complete a few steps. You have to read those steps carefully to install this app properly.

How to Download Premium Version of Mobdro APP?

Mobdro Free version and paid version are both different with different features. In the free version, you have limited access for the television channels and live streamings. On the other hand, in the premium version, you will get unlimited live streaming in high quality as well as in multi-languages.

There is no unique APK mirror for a premium version. Moreover, you have to download the free version in your windows, tablets, mobile phone or TV. Once you installed the free version, you have to upgrade to premium version within the app.

Precautions to Download The Apk File

As the app is not available on the play store. Therefore, you have to take care of the website from where you are downloading this app. We recommend to download it from here as we upload the latest and original updated APK file to facilitate the end-users.

Donโ€™t search in google for hacked Mobdro APK mirror file or something like this to get the premium version because such data must contain a virus or some malware. Be aware and download a free version and then upgrade to the premium version of this APP.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a look below if you have still questions related to Mobdro APK Mirror, we did our best to answer your queries. if you have any other question later on, then ask us in the comment section, please ๐Ÿ™‚

What channels are on Mobdro?โ€™

There are hundreds of channels available on Mobdro from all around the World. If you want to watch a sports channel, an entertainment channel, then you can easily watch the channels in live high-quality streamings. Some of the examples of channels are given below:

  • Sky 1 & Sky 2.
  • Sky LIVING it.
  • BT Sport 1 2.
  • Sky LIVING.

How do you add channels on mobdro apk mirror?

In the Mobdro, there are many channels as we discussed above. But In some regions, there are restrictions on a few channels. For example in Asian countries, people cannot get access to all live streaming channels. For this, they have to set up a VPN. VPN stands for Virtual Private network used for the users or in some regions where there is limited access for the internet.

VPN is used to send and receive data from specific locations or from all around the World. In this way, you can easily add more channels in your Mobdro app. You can search for the best VPN and connect your app with the app to get access for further restricted channels.

How do I update Mobdro?

Updating the Mobdro app is easy. Just open the app in your Android phone. Tap on Menu Options; You will see the about option. Just tap on this. You will get what the app requires. From here you can get the premium features and update to Pro app. When the new update available you will get the notification in about section โ€” update from here.

Is Mobdro on Google Play?

Mobdro is available on its official website and has no interaction with the google play store. If you are searching Mobdro on play store or apple store, you are wasting your time. Maybe someday, it will make available, but we have to wait for the official notification and download the app manually.

Mobdro is available in APK file, and you have to get the app in APK mirror and download in your desire devices.

Is Mobdro free to use?

With the help of Mobdro app, you will get access to an online stream to watch free videos and television channels in more than ten languages. Mobdro app does not allow anyone to watch illegal streaming on their apps. If you get access to the unlawful watching, then the app team will not be responsible for any cost.


Mobdro App does not have several employees, and it is not much big company but have limited employees. So every time, they donโ€™t release several features, but they are doing their services better. They work more on server maintenance, bug fixing, updating better live streaming and facilitate the user with a better experience.

Updated: April 21, 2021 — 2:31 am