Mobdro Not Working Issue Is Fixed [Possible Errors]

Mobdro is one of the best apps that many users enjoy live Streaming and videos on it. There are millions of Mobdro users nowadays as it is not available openly on the Google play store.

But still, many users use this app and watch online sports, entertainment, news, and different other channels all around the World. The best part is you can watch the online Streaming in HD quality as well as it is available in more than ten languages.

You can search for any past video by using the search feature. There are millions of videos available that you can download and also watch online and offline through mobdro apk latest version. Many users get problem in this app like they failed to update this app to a new version.


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The app may stop working by showing some errors. We will figure out all the problems and their solutions and will make sure that it will make available for all users.



Mobdro Not Working 2020? Possible Errors

Before moving towards the reasons, we recommend updating this app daily or whenever a new update arrives. It will help you to avoid some issues while using this app. The common reason while using the Mobdro is you don’t have internet connections and still want to watch videos in offline mode. Moreover, you will also get playback errors.

  • You may face Live Streaming problems when you have good internet connections.
  • Sometimes, this app does not work on TV and any other devices else than android or IOS apps.
  • No content found is one of these common issues that you face sometimes.
  • Categories list is empty, and you don’t get any place to watch the videos category wise.
  • Mobdro App just stopped working and cannot load properly.
  • You are maybe unable to download the videos and have problems in live Streaming.
  • Parse Error is also standard in the Mobdro app.

If you are worried about Mobdro Not Working? Do you want to know to how to fix these errors and use your Mobdro app properly in your Android or iOS phone, then go reading this guide.

1: Connection Error

This Error is due to when you have low internet connections. The app is unable to fetch the data from the server, and it loads time to display on the user’s screen. Therefore, we recommend using a high internet connection. It will definitely resolve.

2: Parse Error

Parse Error is shared when users are unaware and don’t know how to download the Mobdro app on an android phone. They go to google and download the unnecessary app on the phone. This Error means that the current app is not compatible with this android or IOS OS versions. Although, download the Mobdro app from here or from the official site.

3: No Content Found

This issue is not common, but in rare cases, many users face. This is one of the points that causes Mobdro, not working. We suggest the users that they should wait for it for a few seconds. If the problem still exists, then it means the content has been deleted from the Mobdro backup servers. You need to wait for a few days either they upload the content again.

4: Category  List is Empty

Empty List issue usually occurs whenever the public DNS of Google is misconfigured. They display the empty lists. If you have a DNS changer app, then you can download this app or wait for a few hours until Google itself fix the DNS configure issue.

5: Video Playback Error

Video playback is another issue in Mobdro. When you are using the 2G or low internet connection they video lag, and it loses the live Streaming, and you have to face from the Video Playback error.

If you want to watch live online Streaming then always connect the app with the fast internet. You will get the videos in Ultra HD quality with a good internet connection. If you are on a tablet and facing issues, then you need to turn on the developer options.

  • Go to Settings of your Phone/Tablet.
  • Go to the About Phone.
  • Tab several times on built number and get the enable developer options.
  • Restart the tablet or phone and check the problem to solve or not.

6: Can’t Load Data – Internet Connection Checking

Load data issue is due to when they change the server settings or transfer the server from one to another. There is a vast data in the server, and you have to face the loading data issues. Make sure you have valid date and time, country, time zone. This kind of issue solves by checking these features.

7: offlIne live Streaming

It is the most annoying issue for many users who face problems in live Streaming. It is due to the channel you are watching is running in the offline mode. Use the internet to watch the channel in an online way. If the problem still exists, then we recommend downloading the VPN and try it with that.

Mobdro Not Working [Related Questions]

Is Mobdro offline?

Mobdro is offline as well as online. If you have a good internet connection, we suggest that users should watch the videos in online mode. Offline mode is usually when you don’t have an internet connection, and you have saved video previously. Many users face offline live streaming issues, which is due to when the channel itself running in the offline mode.

Does Mobdro work on Chromecast?

Yes, Mobdro works on Chromecast. Mobdro has a Chromecast feature. You can watch your live streaming sports, news and entertainment channels on the TV Chromecast. For this, you have to plug in the Chromecast dongle into the HDMI port of the TV on which you want to watch the videos/live Streaming. You can download the Mobdro now from our site or official and install it on TV and get unlimited free channels.

Is Mobdro still working?

Mobdro is not available in the Google Play Store anymore. But yes it is working now as of now in 2020. This website provides the latest version and also regularly update the version when it is released. You can download version 2.1.80 for free from above link.

How do I uninstall and reinstall Mobdro?

If you are looking for uninstalling this app, then go to the settings of your phone and in the installed applications. You will find the Mobdro App. Uninstall completely from there. On the other hand, tap on the app for a few seconds and drag it to the uninstall option that appears on the top of your mobile screen.

Now if you want to reinstall the Mobdro app, Go to the downloaded apps in the settings of your phone. Click on the app and install it. It will ask a few permissions, accept and download it.

How do I update Mobdro on Firestick?

To update the Mobdro app on firestick or TV, methods are the same. Open the Android App and click on Menu Options. There you will see the option of “About.” About section, you will see what the latest features and updates are. Moreover, you can also join the premium version. Click on Updates, if a most recent version is available it will install the most recently updated and ask a few permission which you need to accept. You need to check manually for updates.

How do I install Mobdro on my mi box?

The method to install and download the Mobdro on Mi box is similar to Android. First of all, you have to download the APK File from a trusted source. Make sure you have download APK from our site or official site. Go to mobile settings, enable unknown sources in the Android. Save the APK file in your android phone and install in on your mi box, TV, firestick.

Updated: January 6, 2021 — 1:07 pm